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Moving Into Your Dream Home Has Never Been This Easy! Presenting Plug And Play Homes By Ozone Group

When prehistoric man lived in caves, a home for him was solely for the purpose of shelter and protection against the wild and weather. However, today, we live in concrete homes that serve not only as a sanctuary of comfort and security but are a reflection of our personal tastes and our lifestyles. Today, we live in homes that fulfil the purpose of providing us with a lifestyle suitable to our economic and social status. Additionally, with time, energy and effort being a precious commodity, the new age consumer, is looking for convenience in every aspect of his life, including when he moves into his new home.

12 Features That Your Kid Will Enjoy At Ozone Urbana

Understanding this emerging need of the home seeker, Ozone Group, one of the leading Indian realty players have introduced the Plug and Play concept homes for the first time in India with their new project in Mumbai – Mirabilis

12 Features That Your Kid Will Enjoy At Ozone Urbana

Plug and Play is a concept, abbreviated PnP, used to describe devices that work seamlessly with a computer system as soon as they are connected. The term became popular in Bangalore with the advent of plug and play offices that are well equipped with all the necessities that a new business needs for immediate functioning. This includes facilities like broadband internet, telecom and electricity supply etc. It can also extend itself to include cabins for directors and managers, server rooms, cafeteria, conference hall, rest rooms, library and pantry. Thus essentially, saving the new enterprise lots of money and time.

12 Features That Your Kid Will Enjoy At Ozone Urbana

Plug and Play concept homes by Mirabilis are ultramodern, trendsetting apartments that allow the buyer to choose from a selection of ready-to-live apartments with innovative contemporary amenities. One simply has to walk in with a suitcase and commence living a life of luxury.Essentially, it means that upon possession of your home, instead of starting with bare walls and doors, you get a pre-selected and customised home that has been painted, prepped and decorated in a theme chosen by you.

Mirabilis offers Plug and play homes in three distinct styles -

Danish Minimal - Denmark has always been at the forefront of the Scandinavian design movement. In this interpretation of the contemporary Indian home, the minimalist appeal of the Danish home designs in conveyed through the use of pristine white walls swathed in the glow of blonde wood. This timeless style encompasses the beauty of minimalism with the elegance of Scandinavian décor patterns to create an Indian home design that is an aesthetic delight.

12 Features That Your Kid Will Enjoy At Ozone Urbana

Retro Style –

The retro décor style is symbolic of the flamboyant 60’s. This unique décor style incorporates a single colour as a unifying theme across spaces paired with a neutral grey that lends warmth and sophistication to the home décor. The furniture and accents used, celebrate the retro decor style which is becoming increasingly popular in urban cities

12 Features That Your Kid Will Enjoy At Ozone Urbana

Modern Contemporary -

The modern contemporary décor style is a fusion of global décor accents with subtle cultural textures to create a home that makes an international statement while being comfortable and familiar. The décor style combines clean lines and a sharp international aesthetic with a carefully selected palette of colours and interior objects to create a unique spatial experience.

12 Features That Your Kid Will Enjoy At Ozone Urbana

With these range of décor options all that the buyer has to do is choose a theme that resonates with his lifestyle and personality. After that, you can simply sit back and relax as your home takes the shape of your choice without having to worry about painters, electricians, plumbers and other domestic trivialities.

Moving into your dream home has never been this easy and this much fun!

About Ozone Mirabilis

Ozone Mirabilis is a 100-apartment project is enviably located opposite Grand Hyatt, Santacruz. Just minutes from the Western Express Highway, means it is barely 10 minutes from the International and Domestic airports. Uptown suburb, Bandra, to its west and Worli to its south are within easy driving distance as well. But most of all, the location makes it truly delightful for those working at Bandra Kurla Complex or BKC.

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12 Features That Your Kid Will Enjoy At Ozone Urbana