Ozone Green View Koramangala

Ozone Green view Koramangala



Located right next to 180 acres KSRP green, it makes owning a home at Green View Koramangala truly unique. Our large luxury living spaces not only provide the ideal environment to lead a fuller and wholesome life, but also ensures that you get to see nature at its best. This breath-taking community will be home to some unseen marvels inspired by nature. Cleaner air, naturally cooler temperatures, eco-friendly interiors, urban forest scaping, healing & therapeutic gardens, interactive bubbler fountain, hydroponics and rainwater harvesting are just a few of the many secrets it holds. Spread across 6.1 acres, this haven comprises of 291 luxurious and spacious apartments. And to match the global lifestyle with varying needs, a wide range of exclusive amenities have been thoughtfully designed. Furthermore, each and every one of the 3 and 4 BHK living spaces give you a magical view of 180 acres of vast lush greenery.


When you buy a property at Green View Koramangala, you are not just buying a home. You are buying a community. You are buying a lifestyle. In fact, you are buying into the top lifestyle of the city and here are a few amenities to justify that.

Kid’s Play area

For your tots to have a healthy, natural and fun playtime.

Urban Forest

Over 2000 trees within the complex to provide a fresh breeze and breathing space.

Healing Garden

Nothing a garden full of lush green and blooming flowers can’t heal.

Green driveway

So you are greeted and bid farewell by the pristine.

Therapeutic garden walk

Your morning and evening walks won’t just be to exercise.

Hydroponic Terrace garden

4000 sq.ft of terrace garden to grow your own vegetables and fruits.

Therapeutic garden walk

A muse for every evening.

Sunken Pool Bar

Your morning and evening walks won’t just be to exercise.

Therapeutic garden walk

A drink in the cool evening breeze with your best buddies in the pool? Sorted.

Aqua Gym pool

Water makes everything better. Even your workouts.



Koramangala has been the epicentre of Bangalore’s rich culture. In the ’80s living in Koramangala was a rare luxury afforded to very few. Even to this day, most Bangaloreans wish they lived in this part of the city. Untouched by the changing cityscape, Koramangala has managed to maintain the perfect balance of old Bangalore charm with the growing demand for modern spaces.

It is not news that Koramangala offers a strategic location advantage offering easy connectivity to the most important parts of the city including Electronic city, MG Road, Majestic bus stand, train station and more. This has further forged Koramanagala a front runner as a residential hub even among the most elite Bangaloreans including Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Nandan Nilekani, Binny Bansal and many more.

Assured economic prosperity, ample avenues for entertainment and the signature Koramanagala charm have made it the perfect location to own a home.

Koramangala is home to major landmarks of the city like The Forum Mall, St.John’s Hospital, Christ University and of course, the popular Koramangala club.

Be it Friday evenings, Saturday nights or Monday mornings; Koramangala is always buzzing. With places like XOOX Brewery, Socials, BOHO and BarbequeNation, the locality is reputed for being the 'fun' place of Bangalore.


At Ozone Group, we believe in redefining standard of living through constant innovation. Transparency, Customer Centricity and Quality are top three core values that have helped us stay ahead in terms of property offerings. Our portfolio includes some of the most stylish and luxurious residential properties in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Goa.

The commitment of our company is towards providing a higher quality of life in all our properties. From addressing the most basic needs like power and water to provision of world-class amenities, we strive to combine comfort with luxury in all our real estate ventures.

We take pride in bringing excellence and innovation in the housing sector by developing architectural marvels.


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Teachers Colony, Begur Hobli, Bengaluru 560 034 | Tel: 84315 52233

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#38 Ulsoor Road, Bangalore 560 042

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