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Is Your Home Winter Ready? Easy Décor Tips To Transform Your Home Into A Cosy Retreat

Winter brings with it the promise of cosy rooms, warm blankets and hot chocolates and is one of the most awaited seasons of the year. Just as we update our wardrobes with the passing of every season, it is also essential that we update the décor of our rooms and get your home winter ready to reflect the change in season. Winter is the season to play with warm hues and varied textures that will transform your home into a cosy retreat and keep you safe from the uncomfortable winter chill. We bring you a few tips to help in preparing your home for winter.

12 Features That Your Kid Will Enjoy At Ozone Urbana

Use Warm Colours

One of the easiest ways to get your home winter ready is through changing the colour palette of your home. This does not entail the tedious task of repainting your home. Instead, simply changing the colour of your curtains, floor rugs, cushions and furnishing can lend a comfortable warmth to your rooms. According to colour experts the perfect colour palette for winter includes hues of red, gold, orange, green, and terracotta.

12 Features That Your Kid Will Enjoy At Ozone Urbana

Avoid Bare Floors

Bare floors that can often be cold to the feet are normally associated with warmer months. For the winter season it is best to cover your floors with textured rugs and carpets which will give you a warm feeling underfoot. Additionally the use of carpets lend an elegant appeal to a room.

Shift to Heavy Drapes

One of the most effective home winter tips is to change your curtains and drapes from light, breezy fabrics to heavier fabrics in dark colours that will help trap the heat within a room.

12 Features That Your Kid Will Enjoy At Ozone Urbana

Add Some Texture

An essential element of your home winter preparation includes adding texture to the various furniture and furnishing you have. This will include lots of fluffy pillows around a room, velvet or faux fur cushions, and textured rugs around the house for a sophisticated winter décor. Not only does adding texture to a room lend a warm character to the room, but it allows for a cosy ambience when the outside temperature starts to fall.

Allow For Soft Mood Lighting

Soft mood lighting is perfect for getting your home ready for winter as these lights add warmth and create a perfect ambiance for winter. Dim mood lights are more appealing and add to the wintry charm. Additionally you can also use scented candles around the house to infuse in some cosy vibes.

Arrange Sentimental Objects Around Your Room

As you start getting your home ready for winter, an important element to make it truly cosy is filling it with pictures and memorabilia of your loved ones. It is said that love makes a house a home and surrounding yourself with sentimental décor elements can not only increase the visual appeal, but also add a warm and homely feeling to the room.

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12 Features That Your Kid Will Enjoy At Ozone Urbana