Ozone Group Impacting Lives Beyond Real Estate

Social, economic and environmental responsibilities have formed an integral part of the corporate ethos at the Ozone Group. Since our inception we have always endeavoured to align business strategy with social responsibility in a sustained manner by running an ethical company, having fair practices, offering high quality, fair pricing and integrating green concepts in all projects.

Beyond offering our buyers world class homes, an important focus for us has been to reach out and engage with society through activities that enriches lives and benefits society.

With this aim in mind, the Ozone Bangalore recently began conservation efforts in the Vanxim Island, Goa, where the Bangalore based property company is developing a tourism leisure resort as an ultimate destination. While utilizing only a tiny fraction of the island for its development, the Group will not only ensure preservation of the existing settlement as a heritage village to retain its original cultural and social integrity, but also help in renovating the same. Additionally, the realty company has tied up with organisations such as Angel Ashram to offer vocational training programs for women. These programs have helped not only empower and uplift the womenfolk of the island and provide them with alternate means of employment, thus ensuring socio-economic sustenance, but it has also boosted their confidence and self-esteem.

Today, jute bags, handicrafts, candles, etc., being made by the women are in great demand by leading corporate houses.

Another outstanding CSR activity that Ozone Projects Private Limited has adopted, is the establishment of a football academy in Bangalore with the sole purpose of trying to promote football among the children of India by providing free training for underprivileged children. Trained by coaches from the prestigious Dutch Football Association (KNVB), the children are being groomed to play in international competitive leagues. Committed to the belief that only a holistic approach to trainees will produce world class talent, the children’s food, clothes, schooling, wellness, etc. are sponsored by the Academy. This initiative of the Ozone Group won them CREDAI CSR award 2015

At the Ozone Chennai, the team is always looking for ways to aid and assist those in need. After the 2015 Chennai deluge, the company sent across two trucks with essential medicines and materials to Chennai.

While Ozone Builders Bangalore has devoted itself to building a legacy as a committed corporate citizen, it has also continued its core focus on building lifestyle homes that have redefined the standard of living through innovative real estate products.

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Ozone Group Impacting Lives Beyond Real Estate