Ozone Groups Reaches Out To NRIs Through Realty Expos And Events

For a significant number of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), who have every intention of returning to India at some point in time, buying a property in the country has a deep personal connotation.

The recent reforms in the Indian real estate sector have made investments into this sector very lucrative, especially for NRIs looking to invest in luxury properties in India. The recent passage of the real estate bill offers higher transparency and ease of doing business with developers and this has led to a warming up of NRIs and other FDI money towards Indian real estate.

The primary method for Non-Resident Indians who are looking to invest in property in India and want to keep up-to-date with options, is to go online and research the various projects, but they are often unable to get a complete understanding of the project.

With an aim to reach out to this section of NRI’s, Ozone Group, Bangalore has been organising a number of realty events and participating in property exhibitions globally. Over the past few months itself, Ozone Bangalore has made its presence in USA, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong among numerous other global locations. Recently, the Ozone Group partnered with Zee TV as a sponsor for their “Celebrate India” program. The program was held in the cities of Jakarta, Singapore, Vietnam, Bangkok and Kaula Lumpur. They also were the sponsors of the prestigious Cleveland Thyagaraja Festival which is the largest Indian classical music festival outside of India. These are just few of the overseas activities initiated by Ozone Group.

For NRI’s who are seriously interested in investing in properties back home, these events, expos and exhibitions provide a means to educate themselves on the options available to them, interact with the salesperson, ask the right kinds of questions and make an informed investment decision. Today, the Ozone group have a global footprint of events and exhibitions that has not only led to an international awareness for the brand but has translated into confirmed bookings by NRI investors.

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Ozone Groups Reaches Out To NRIs Through Realty Expos And Events