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Ozone Paradise

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1200 Sq.ft
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Ozone Paradise Master Plan

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Amenities & Utilities

Indulge in the pursuit of leisure with our sublime variety of world-class amenities that are part of The Paradise. Relaxing and entertaining activities to boost your mood, are now right outside the door.

Ozone Paradise Amenities

Great Location. Great Investment.

Invest in the rise of a revolutionary and innovative future at The Paradise, which offers you a great investment property in off Sarjapur. One of the prime locations, close to a number of IT establishments like Wipro and the proposed Infosys Tech Park, that makes investing in The Paradise, an inviting and much sought after opportunity.

Project Address

Opposite Clover Greens, Chichuraganapalli - Sevaganapalli Road, Off Sarjapur Road.

Phone Number


Corporate Office

38, Ulsoor Road, bangalore - 560 042.


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