Understanding The Concept Of Senior Living In India

Old age is often typically associated with retirement and a sedentary lifestyle - a time to slow down, do a few pilgrimages, play with the grandkids, and maybe indulge in a few sedentary hobbies like gardening or reading. But the scenario is fast changing. Today, a significant section of seniors are financially stable, well-travelled and socially connected, and as a result have a clear vision for the silver years of their life. They want to live their retirement years enjoying life on their own terms, enjoying an active social life and not hushed away in the corner of the house.

For this new age breed of people above 50 years, senior living Community in Bangalore offers a fresh chance of life where they can live surrounded by similar aged and like-mindedpeople in a home that is especially designed for them.

To define a Senior Living Community in Bangalore– It is typically a vibrant residential complexes that caters only to senior citizens providing them round the clock housekeeping, catering, health, security services, offering an activity based lifestyle, thus, allowing them to enjoy their sunset years.

Senior living Community in Bangalore provide housekeeping, catering, health and security services. It also takes care of the all the recreational and leisure activities for residents. These complexes also have elder-friendly architecture and fittings ensuring greater safety. Another key advantage is the safety and security offered. This is especially important in the current scenario when crimes against senior citizens are on the rise. A senior living complex provides comfort and support for three stages of retired life: Independent living, Assisted Living and Continuous Care Stage. In every stage, the services and amenities are provided to convert the silver years of the individuals into a happy life devoid of loneliness and hassles.

For moving in to retirement homes in Bangalore it is essential that both male and female individuals should be above the age of 50 years.

Ozone Urbana, located near the international airport offers senior living Community with their stae-of-the-art project -Urbana Irene. Urbana Irene comprising of 172 senior friendly apartments promises to not only provide safe, serene and beautiful senior friendly homes, but also offers essential facilities, care and compassion for seniors to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.Urbana Serene has 314 retirement apartments in a variety of layouts and sizes are already sold out.

Spread over 150 acres, Ozone Urbana is located right next to the BIAL flyover on NH – 7 and offers an unmatched living environment.Complete with social infrastructure such as a National Public School, a 250 bed state-of-the-art BR Life Hospital, a Star hotel, offices, restaurants, a 1 million sq ft retail village and homes for the senior living community, Ozone Urbana is undeniably Bangalore’s largest integrated township.

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Understanding The Concept Of Senior Living In India