Create A Kitchen Garden In Your Apartment

One of the newest trends for many apartments in Bangalore is the creation of a small kitchen garden. In its simplest definition, a kitchen garden is a small designated space for growing vegetables and herbs. Today, many apartment dwellers are turning their spacious balconies and window sills into mini gardens. These kitchen gardens do not have to be a huge commitment, but with the right tools, a little time and easy-to-follow instructions you'll be on your way to developing your green thumb.

Choose a good location

The first step in creating a kitchen garden is to choose a location that is well shaded as well as offers plenty of sunlight. The option could vary from your window sill, balcony, your patio and every a well-covered terrace. Experts suggest that successful gardens need a minimum of five hours of full sun.

Select your planters and containers

The key to getting the maximum harvest from minimum space is to use the space efficiently. If you have a balcony, you can consider using the railing to hold some window planters. Mesh produce baskets suspended from hooks are a practical option for balconies or window sills

You can also consider stacking containers one above the other to create a vertical garden

If you have a large floor space in the form of a terrace, the best option, would be large container divided into little sections. For this you can use plastic, metal, or even wooden crates and boxes. Just be sure to drill or punch holes in the bottom of the containers to provide adequate drainage. When considering the depth of your pots, especially if you are growing root vegetables, allow a minimum of two inches from roots of your plant to the bottom of the container.

The correct soil

Many home garden stores these days sell potting soil, compost and container planting mixes that are created especially for container gardens. These are the best option to get your plants to thrive in small garden

What to grow

Lastly, the most important consideration is which plants to grow. You can either grow plants from seeds or saplings available in most garden stores. For a beginner, easy to grow plants such as chillies, herbs, capsicum, tomato are suggested. As you gain confidence, you can experiment with a number of plants in your kitchen garden

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